Register to Piedimonte’s IGA Saver Program to receive exclusive savings and special offers on hundreds of products each and every week. To make sure you don’t miss out on these incredible offers, we’ll email you some of the hottest savings!

Pick up your card in store and register your IGA SAVER card online! Once you have registered, you’ll automatically receive the discounts when you present your IGA SAVER card at the register. Register for your IGA SAVER card now and start saving today!

How does it work?

1. Register your card

Once you’ve received your IGA Saver card you will need to register your information on the ‘Registration Form’ for your store. Note: Your member number can be located on the back of your IGA Saver card.

2. Swipe your card

Every time you shop, make sure you swipe your IGA SAVER card at the check-out. This will automatically entitle you to the extra discounts and savings on selected products each and every shop.

Select your local store to join

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